It finally hit me today that Winstock is NEXT weekend! Just think, this time next week you'll be packing up the camper and getting ready to make the trek to Winsted and we hope to see you there!

Deb from the Triple R called me today and said she was already out buying firewood and supplies for their camp site, planning the menu of food they'll enjoy and figuring out which day to actually head down to Winsted. Anyone camping near Deb, you should be thankful and concerned all at the same time.

Thankful because if you smell something good cooking, chances are she will share with you and it will be incredible. You should be worried because Deb's crew is nuts. I've seen pictures and video and I won't repeat what these eyes have seen. Deb's friend Crazy Karen is scheduled to be there and if you run across her, you'll know it. I would imagine both of them will be making appearances at the 98 Country Booth.

Once you are at Winstock, enjoying the music and fun, make sure you stop by the 98 Country booth and say hello to Chris Chapman. You never know what he may have for you to enjoy or who he may have there to entertain you!

What's the one item you can't forget when going to Winstock? Comment below.