Be ready for this: The Diverging Diamond Interchange is up and running effective October 17, 2013 in Sartell. It may look somewhat confusing, let's take a look to see what it is and how it works.The whole idea behind such construction is and designed in which the two directions of traffic on the road will cross to the opposite side on both sides of the bridge at the freeway, huh?

Let's take a look as it effects you and Stearns County Road 120 and Hwy 15.

Diverging Diamond Interchange,FB

So essentially it is designed to significantly improve safety, since no left turns must clear opposing traffic and all movements are detached with most controlled by traffic signals.

It is unusual in that it requires traffic on the freeway overpass to briefly drive on the opposite side of the county road and hwy.

An article in Popular Science has the DDI as one of the best innovations when it was originally erected in 2009.

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