When I think about Snow White, I immediately think of a little girl having the story read to her while she's pretending to be the princess looking for Prince Charming. I don't immediately relate that story to a full grown man actually looking forward to a movie with Snow White anywhere in the title - until I saw the trailer for the new movie.

I have to admit, the new onslaught of fairy tale television shows has sparked a new interest in those old bedtime stories for me. Grimm on NBC, is definitely written for a guy audience. All the violence, and gory scenes - it has guy written all over it. ABC's Once Upon A Time is written for the women audience. It has a stronger love story and an overall feeling of "Girl Power" throughout the show. Even though it has that feminine side, it still is full of action so it doesn't seem like a chick show.

Now, with all that said, I hate to admit it, but I'm quite excited to see the new Snow White movie. Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters Friday night and it looks like it will be incredible. Lots of gore, lots of action and lots of scary creatures. So, although I'm a guy, I'm looking forward to this new adventurous fairy tale. Check out the trailer and tell me, is it unmanly to want to see this movie?