It's no secret Blake has cheated before, that's how he and Miranda got together. Blake was married when he met Miranda and it didn't take long for him to file for divorce. Now the rumor mill is hard at work claiming Blake has returned to his cheating ways.

His alleged fling is with a sexy blond who has a killer voice (clearly Blake's type of women) and considering Blake works closely with this women, this actually doesn't seem too far fetched. If you haven't already figured it out, the supposed mistress is his fellow judge on 'The Voice' Christina Aguilera. Apparently it is pretty well known that Blake has always had a crush on Christina, it started way before Miranda. But that was just an innocent crush...until they got hired to work closely together on the same reality television show and the opportunity presented itself.

A source backstage on 'The Voice' set claims "Christina is always coming on to Blake, and he just eats up the attention...they drink together on the set. They slip into each others dressing rooms and lock the door behind them..."

Another source said "Miranda should be worried..." Apparently she has found out about the fling, and as you would expect she is "steaming mad!"

We are just going to have to wait and see if this turns up to be true, but so far it sounds pretty legitimate. I feel terrible for Miranda if this is in fact the case, but at the same time, she was once the other woman in Blake's life, so how could she really think he wouldn't do it again.