In your last interview, did your potential employer ask you if you had kids? Married? How old you are?  If so, I hope you didn't answer them. It's awkward, for sure, but you can politely decline and even remind them that those questions are illegal to ask in a job interview. Here are a few more that should never be asked:


1. Have you ever been arrested? They can ask if you've been convicted of a crime, but not about your arrest record. There's a difference.

2. What religious holidays do you practice? They can ask you if you're available to work on a particular day, but that's where the question ends.

3. Do you have any outstanding debt? You can give potential employers permission to do a credit check, but it can't keep them from hiring you if it doesn't directly affect your ability to perform the job you're interviewing for.

4. How long have you been working, when did you graduate from high school or college or when is your birthday? All no-no's when it comes to interview questions. They can, however, ask you how long you've been working in a particular industry.

There are more!  If you're someone who hires, it's a must read here.