Almost 20 years ago, Dorothy Holm lost her ability to speak due to a brain tumor.  That didn't stop her from communicating and developing her own secret code on index cards. Shortly after she passed away, her grandchildren tried to decipher her code with no luck.  After posting a photo of one of the index cards online, Dorothy's grandchildren now know what she was up to.

According to a CBS article, the cards had been packed away and were recently rediscovered.  One of Dorothy's grandchildren decided to take a stab at cracking her grandmother's code once again.  She posted a picture of the card on Metafilter and in less than 30 minutes someone had figured out that Dorothy spent her last days praying for her family and giving thanks for her life.

This is an incredible story and I'm so happy Dorothy's family has finally been able to figure out what was going through her mind in her last days.