So, two of my goats got "in the family way" this winter and they're about ready to give birth - but I'm not! Do you know anything about kidding goats?

I just got goats for my little farm in Becker last summer and The Girl and I have been having a blast with their fun personalities. We drink their milk and have made pounds and pounds of cheese.  Well, if you want to keep getting milk from your goats, you have to make some babies.

So, last November we loaded two goats into the back of my station wagon (yes, really...and, yes, we got some weird looks on the freeway) and took them for a month long stay with some male goats at a farm in Kimball. I suspect the guy goats were happier about this than the gal goats.

Now, the big day is approaching and I hope the goats know more about birthing baby goats than I do. Actually, they do - both have had babies before.

Will they just take care of it? Do I have to be there? I have a full-time job. Should I hire a goat midwife? Is there such a thing? Am I worrying too much about this? Or not enough?