We're getting dangerously close to the Minnesota State Fair--just ten days away! So, of course I'm going to take some time away from my crazy busy wedding planning schedule to plan my food route!

My diet takes a back seat during the great Minnesota get together, too. There are no rules when you're at the fair. Actually, I take it as a challenge to see how many calories I can consume. It only happens once a year and I definitely take full advantage of it!

They've got a list of new food items this year that I've been eyeing up on their website. Of course, I'll stick with some of my favorite classics like a pronto pup, cheese curds and chicken on a stick. But, I'm also branching out and trying some of the new things like, saucy shrimp and slaw, spicy pork bowl, bang bang fresh chicken tenders, a strawberry donut delight and more!

There's no way I'm going to be able to eat all of this, which is why I bring people with me and we all share. That way you'll be sure to sample EVERYTHING you want to--It's a great strategy!

What are you dying to try at the Minnesota State Fair this year?