I have young nieces and nephews and sometimes the things that come out of their mouth can you make you think, "what did that kid just say"...?

Ethan, my seven-year-old nephew, was on the phone a few nights ago and we do a little "trash talking" to each other about "the next time I see you, it's on!"... in reference to either a wrestling match or one-on-one football in the basement. The fun "trash talking wasn't anything new, but Ethan stepped up his game a little bit last time we talked. As we we're chatting on the phone about wrestling (this is his first year wrestling in school) he decided say, "bring it on you big wussy girl, I'm so scared, NOT"... What? What did that kid just say? All I know is, next time I see him, it is "on".

What Ethan said to me, holds no light to the answers a couple of second grade girls came up with when asked by their teacher to list the steps you'd need to take to fall in love with someone. Remember, these are second graders...

1. First you stare at the person.

2. You get close to each other.

3. You ask for a date.

4. You go in bed and do sex.

5. When you kiss, you suck and lick.

6. Get naked in bed, and do more sex.

7. Go dance, and put your noses together.

8. You go in bed forever, then kiss forever.

9. Take a shower together and kiss.

10. Give each other rings.

11. Go to the pool together.

This is a picture of the answers written by the adorable young ladies, apparently there was no paper left in the classroom... but, the brother of the school teacher who asked the question, tweeted the picture for the world to share in laughter.