This morning on the show, we're discussing what you would tell your younger self about the opposite sex if you could travel back in time. Here are my, Cindy's, and other responses. Call in and let us know what you'd say at 320-252-9897.

You can also let us know what you'd say to your younger self by commenting below.

  • PETE:  "Calm down," is never the right answer.
  • CINDY:  Never change who you are for a boy!

Here are more responses from this morning:

  • The only thing you can say during a pregnancy scare is, "What would you like to do?" - Mike
  • Moving in together is a massive challenge! - Sara
  • Listen to the advice that those who care about you give you regarding the men in your life. - Laura
  • Men & women are different. See things differently, feel things differently. It's ok, that's just the way it is. - Jim
  • The kids will be fine. Don't remarry your ex-wife. - Brian
  • Geeks are good. - Mary
  • Never settle, and follow your heart. - Amie
  • If your dog doesn't like them...there's a reason! - Torasie