Simple question this morning on the 98 Country Morning Show: 'If _____ were an Olympic sport, my significant other would get a gold medal! Fill in the blank. We're standing by waiting for your answer at 320-252-9897. (For Pete & Cindy press one. For divorce attorneys press two...)

Here 's what the 98 Country Morning Show cast of characters contributed:

  • Pete:  Shopping.
  • Cindy:  Watching TV.
  • Jim:  Being organized.
  • Katie:  Beer drinking.

And here are the top responses of the morning:

  • Terri:  Snoring!
  • David:  Shopping.
  • Amy:  Hunting.
  • Jessie:  Hypochondria!
  • Chad:  Complaining.
  • Mike:  Buying shoes.
  • Hillary:  Eating!!
  • Jeff:  Maxing out credit cards.
  • Jess:  Hunting.