Even after thousands of years, there are still so many things that men and women don't understand about each other.  We'd all be better off if guys and gals took just a few minutes to learn something about one another.

No, I'm not going to man bash -- quite the opposite actually.  I think most guys are good and they want to make their girlfriends happy.  I think they think in order to make us happy they have to spend money and buy us expensive jewelry.  Not true.

I hear about some of the things my friend's boyfriends and husbands do for them and it's ridiculously sweet.  I have one friend whose fiancee makes her lunch once in a while and puts a little note in there.  One of my other friends was having going through a rough time and her boyfriend paid for her to go out of town for the weekend with a friend.  When they got back, he had their whole house cleaned up and he had worked on her car.

It's little things that make us happy.  We don't want you to break the bank, we just want to know you're thinking of us and you appreciate us.  Keep that in mind the next time you want to do something nice for us.

I want your thoughts -- what do you wish the opposite sex would learn?