I did many very stupid things as a teenager, but for legal purposes this is my go to story.

I was a sophomore in high school and had just earned my drivers license. I had my license before many of friends so naturally, I drove every where... with my mom's car, when I could use it.

It's amazing how fast you can lose your license.

Maybe a few months after getting my driving privilege, I decided it would be a good idea to take my mom's car, WITHOUT her permission.


I have a friend named Kelly and he wanted to learn how to drive a manual car, I knew, that's how I learned to drive... in my mom's Mazda something or other. I could handle it, no problem. That wasn't the issue.

The issues comes when I decided to first, take my mom's car without her permission and then secondly letting my friend, who has not ever driven a "stick" shift AND does not have a drivers license, take over at the wheel.

We ended up flying of the gravel road right into a field where the car sank into the mud.

The story doesn't end here.

After trying time and time again to get the car out of the mud, we succeeded and got maybe a quarter of the way back up the hill and ended up FRYING THE CLUTCH. I was in a panic. If I have a choice of dealing with the police or my mom... I choose the police. Unfortunately there was no way around it and had to face my mom after making THREE terrible decisions within minutes of each other.

The license came and quickly went after that. I couldn't drive until I payed my mom back all the money I caused in damages. Working at Dairy Queen part time as a high school student... that took a while.

What was something dumb you did as a teenager?