I was watching some reruns of Friends and Joey ordered the Joey Special from the pizza place.  I got to thinking it would be pretty awesome to have a menu item named after me.

I love food, especially pasta and some sandwiches and at certain restaurants I order the same thing all the time because it's just that good.  Therefore, I think it would be cool to get something named after me ( I just love the logic I used to come to that conclusion!)

If I had to create my own pasta dish it would definitely be marinara sauce with all kinds of seasonings/spices along with things like mushrooms and green pepper.  YUM!  The sandwich would be a little harder for me to create because I have one that I really like that's made with ham, turkey, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

Now, I'm hungry!  If you were to have an item on a menu named after you what would it be?  Would it have a special name?