I think it's a great thing when one can broaden their horizon's and try out something new.  You can't truly judge anything until you've tried it.  There aren't many things that I would say I will never do again, but I've got one thing that just isn't going to happen...like ever.

The Daily Star did a survey on the things people had done once and given up on ever doing them again.  Some of the most common answers were going to the gym, golfing, standing in line for a sale and hitchhiking.  Okay, I will definitely go along with the hitchhiking -- there is some scary stuff that can go on there, but the gym and golfing? They're not that bad and I've said on numerous Black Fridays that I'm never standing in line again, but every year I seem to.

One thing I will never do again is duck hunting.  I have nothing against it, I have family that goes out all the time.  My dog absolutely loves it.  It's just not for me -- I mean let's get real here.  Who really wants to stand outside at some ridiculous hour of the morning, in the cold, shooting ducks?  I did it once when I was younger and I was so bored, I went back in the house and watched cartoons.  Of course, I could be more like my sister who sleeps in the duck blind almost every time she hunts.