I realized this weekend that every single Twins game I've gone to this year has resulted in a loss. EVERY GAME.

At first, I blamed the losses on the Twins because they had the worst start to the season in team history. They've been doing a lot better lately, so on Sunday I decided to catch a game with my fiance.

Well, you guessed it--the Twins lost. I'm starting to feel self conscious about it. I love baseball but I'm thinking that I need to sit the rest of the season out! Regardless of the loss, I love Target Field. It definitely feels like my home away from home. The food is amazing, the view is spectacular and the weather was great yesterday!

I need to get back on track with my diet too. Yesterday I ate a brat loaded with onions, sour kraut and mustard, garlic fries AND a chocolate ice cream cone. It was delicious but I'm definitely heading to the gym today. When in Rome!