Flip flops are one of my favorite things about summer but as much as I love them, I won't pay much money for them.

My friend was telling me about these wonderful flip flops she found.  They're so cute and so comfortable so I Googled the brand (I can't remember what they were) but they were almost $90.  Dude, are you kidding me?  I'm not spending $90 on shoes that I can only wear for a few months out of the year and typically don't last me the summer anyway.

I was out shopping over the holiday weekend and I found some super cute brand name flip flops for $8.  I bought three pair in different colors because I was so pleased with my find. On top of everything else, they are some of the most comfortable flip flops I've ever had. So, knowing what I can find out there, both cute, comfortable and cheap, there's no way I'd spend $90 on flip flops!

What is something you refuse to spend much money on?