My fiance bought a new car about a year ago, and he is in LOVE with it. He is always getting it washed, cleaning it out and inspecting it for scratches and marks. Sometimes I feel like he loves his car more than he loves me! (only kidding)

Well, last summer I really wanted to buy a new grill for our new house. We both decided to go to Home Depot and check out the prices. We found a grill that was on sale and within our budget. There was just one problem--the box wasn't going to fit in the backseat of Dave's car. I insisted we needed to find a way to make it fit into the car because it was a one day sale on the grills. Dave was hesitant and told me he thought we should borrow a truck, practice patience and come back to buy the grill another day. I kept insisting we figure out a way to get it home. So, we decided to buy the pre-assembled version instead.

Luckily for us, the pre-assembled grill just barely fit in the back of my fiance's car. It took some elbow grease and a lot of finagling. We brought it home and proceeded to try to remove it from the car--but, it didn't come out as easily as it went in. He was pulling at the grill and I was pushing on the grill. We seemed stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Just when I started to visualize cooking brats and burgers on the new grill, I heard a loud RIP! My fiance looked up at me with horror in his eyes and inquisitively said, "what was that sound!?"

I looked down and took a big gulp. The back seat of his brand new car had a huge rip in it. I could tell he was upset and horrified. I was in a state of shock. I've probably apologized a thousand times.

Finally, after about a year of guilt, I decided to make things right and take his seat in to get it fixed yesterday. It's going to cost me roughly $200. That's more expensive than the grill originally was before the grill sale. Just a word to the wise, sometimes it's OK to listen to your significant other and let them be right. You might save yourself money in the long run.

P.S. we've only used the grill two or three times since we've had it.