I woke up yesterday morning to the sounds of ducks "talking" back and forth to each other. I live near a water runoff area and figured they were in there, but they sounded louder than normal. Turns out, they weren't in the water at all.

I looked out my kitchen window and saw a pair of ducks sitting on top of my neighbor's house. I thought it was odd and watched them for a bit. I have never seen a duck perch on anything before. I've only ever seen them on water or on the grass near the water.

I figured this pair would be gone today, but sure enough, this morning they were back on the neighbor's roof "talking".

Have I been living in a cave all these years? Is this normal for a duck to sit on a roof top?

My best guess is that we haven't had enough melting and rain for the water runoff area to fill up to its normal level at this time of year and this pair are afraid to go into the water. Maybe they are so confused because they flew back north a month early. Or maybe they are tired of living in the grass and are planning to build a nest up there.

Whatever the reason, I find it funny and reminds me of something Daffy Duck would have pulled.

Can you tell me why they are doing this?



After I talked about this on the air, I had several calls about seeing ducks do this. I also got an email from Gary showing me the strangest place he had ever found a duck. IN his furnace! Here's Gary's picture!