Now that summer is here there are so many great things to do.

I'm all about being outside right now.  I feel like we only get a few months of nice weather so I spend as much time as I possibly can outside.  I like doing all kinds of outdoor things but my absolute favorite is being out on the water.

I would live on a boat if it didn't get so darn cold.  I like everything from fishing out on the boat (still don't bait my own hook, though!) to just chilling out on a pontoon.  I'm also a lover of tubing.  I have an uncle who is an experienced boater and he took a bunch of us out tubing when we were at their cabin.  He whipped me around so fast I flew up in the air and the tube hit me square in the face all while I was holding on to it.  Don't ask me how I got back down in the correct position.  All I know is I had a blast!

What is your favorite summer activity?