Whether it's Halloween or not, I enjoy a good ghost story.  I came across a few that I had to share.

I love ghost stories.  I've been reading about ghosts (or spirits) for quite awhile.  I went through a reading streak a few years ago where that's all I'd read about.  I found all kinds of local stories that really gave me the creeps but it was still fun to read them.  There was one story from Wisconsin that even made it so I had trouble sleeping.  It was so out there that I don't think anyone could have made it up.

Anyway, I was browsing the web today and I came across this story from Buzzfeed on terrifying ghost stories.  There are some scary ones for sure.

I'm not sure what I believe when it comes to ghosts and spirits.  I guess the best way to put it is I don't not believe in them.  I've had some experiences that I don't think couldn't have been explained any other way.

Do you have any personal ghost stories?