A few years ago I was house-sitting for some friends of mine.  It was kinda cool having my "own" house, that is until I had to break in to it.

It was summer and I was working and going to school.  I was staying at this house because the family was out of state dealing with some medical issues.  It was a busy time for me.

I was leaving for work one day and I set the keys on top of the car.  I specifically remember telling myself to grab them before I left.  Yeah...that didn't happen.  So that night when I got home, I had no way to get in.  I should also mention that I scoured the streets looking for these keys

So I broke in -- kind of.  The window to the laundry room window was open so I removed the screen and climbed in.  I called my friends and they were cool about the whole thing.  They told me where there would be a spare key so I was all set...until the next night.

Yes, I lost a second key but only temporarily.  I ended up finding it at work -- I was working at a bank -- in the room with our vault.

You wouldn't believe how dumb I felt!  Have you had any crazy experiences while taking care of someone's house?