Pete will be having surgery tomorrow and spending the rest of the week in the hospital. He knows how much I love animals, so he trusted me to take great care of his cat, Lucy. It took about 2 hours at our house before she got lost.

Okay, I say she was lost. In her world, she knew exactly where she was. But I couldn't find her, and I was getting a little anxious. I opened every cupboard door, even though that made little sense. I even checked the fridge. Hey, she's small and quick. Anything could have happened. In the closet? No. Under the bed? No. Behind the washer? No. What the heck? Could she have slipped outside somehow? Only if there are holes in the walls. No.

Then I looked at the recliner. Could she? But how? Was she under there to begin with? Yep. I opened up the recliner, put down some treats, and out she came. She was unfazed. I was so relieved. Later she went back under the recliner and curled up for a peaceful nap.

No worries, Pete. Lucy is in good hands!