Do you ever eat a pretty decent sized meal and a little while later you could eat again?  It might not be the amount of food you ate, but maybe the food itself.

According to an ABC News article there are 11 foods that actually make you hungrier. Some of the foods that made the list don't surprise me but there were a few that did.

One of the things that made the list was fast food.  This doesn't surprise me because I've eaten at certain places and an hour later I'm hungry again.  It doesn't matter that I finished my food, I now need a snack.  The article claims the food is so salty that it can dehydrate you and cause stomach pain that can be mistaken for a hunger pang.

White pasta also made the list and I'm so full after pasta that I feel like I don't need to eat for a week.  However, it can cause insulin levels to rise and in turn, you can feel hungry.

Another one was salty snacks and this one I can totally understand.  If I eat chips (salty) it doesn't take long and I need something sweet like chocolate.  That's part of the reason people should not stick a bowl of mixed peanuts and M&Ms in front of me.  It's the perfect combination and it's one of those snacks that you can keep right on eating until it's gone.

Check out the full list of foods that can make you hungrier here.