I never watch cable TV so we decided to dump that bill. Now I'm freaking out a little since I can't watch our Vikings play. What do I do??

To go a little deeper into the story of WHY we stopped cable TV...we simply never watch it. Like a ton of other people, we watch Amazon and Netflix 99% of the time the TV is on. When we moved to Sartell a few months ago, we had cable TV to go with our internet, but never watched cable. The decision sounded good at the time!

It's a lot like how a lot of households don't have a land-line telephone any longer. Everybody has a cell phone so there's no need for another bill for a phone that doesn't get used. That exactly my rationalizing for getting rid of cable TV.

Eventually we'll put an HD antenna on the roof or just give in to getting basic cable TV again, but before I get around to doing that, how can I watch the game tonight at home?