Have you ever looked at Rudolph and thought "yum, I think I'll have me some reindeer for dinner"? Ok, maybe the red nose makes him not so appetizing, so would Dasher or Dancer be a better option? I think not, but over in the U.K canned reindeer meat has quickly become a hot commodity.

So canned meat of any kind is not my idea of a tasty meal, but I understand that there are people out there that enjoy it in one form or another, and that's ok, it's just not my thing. But canned reindeer pate...really?

Harvey Nichols is a grocery store chain located in the U.K. and they have recently received some backlash from animal rights activists over their decision to sell the canned reindeer pate. The activists have taken action to try and get the grocery store to take it off its shelves but have been unsuccessful.

The pate, being branded as 'farm raised relative of Rudolph' (yes I'm serious) has actually become quit the popular delicacy, so much so, that the store has sold out of it. The product listing is also calling it an indulgent winter treat that is made from Swedish Arctic reindeer meat, cognac, and spices. Yum! - NOT!