I like to think of myself as pretty strong and I generally don't care what others think of me. It's what you say to my face that can get you on my bad side. 

This morning, Anton's Restaurant sent along their delicious popovers following a story that our sister station, WJON did as a "behind the scenes" feature about the making of the famous treats. Our 98 newsman Jim brought the goodies around for us to sample and it had been about three hours since breakfast, so my tummy was a little grumbly and I was about to dig in when a coworker piped up and said,

"Aren't you on a diet? That honey butter will make you FAT!"

Thankfully, our morning gal Cindy stepped in before I blew my stack and said,

"Don't you know you should NEVER tell a woman what she can and cannot eat?"

Which is far more polite than anything I could have said at that moment. I still haven't stopped shaking with anger and humiliation.

So, let this be a lesson. When a coworker reaches for a treat, regardless of their gender or their size, it's best just to keep your mouth shut.

And, by the way, when a woman says, "WHAT?!" It's not because she didn't hear what you said. It's because she's giving you an opportunity to change what you said.