Don’t want to get fired? Then stop doing these things.

You may not look at questionable things online, complain about your boss on Twitter or routinely break the rules, but there are some other behaviors that could send you to the unemployment line.

Be the Candy Man (Or Girl)

Sure, baking cookies is one way to win your coworkers’ hearts, but keeping candy, cookies and other goodies at your desk can come off wrong. Sure, everyone loves home baked cookies, but if it’s snack time all the time and it seems everyone is hanging out at your desk, Career Coach Cynthia Shapiro says that may make you popular with your cube mates, but not the boss. If it seems that everyone is chatting it up and your desk is Grand Central, it could seem to the higher ups that you’re just there to hang out and have fun. Save it for the Tuesday night book club, or bring the goodies into the community kitchen.

Cursing Like a @#?*^&! Sailor

Whoopsie daisy! I’m guilty of this one, especially if something isn’t working, breaks, I drop something or mess up what I’m doing. I know it’s not the most professional thing in the world to do, and thankfully, it’s not all out banned around my office, but there are live microphones all over the place and I should know better. Even if your office is more casual and you and your coworkers are friends and don’t mind the occasional word here or there, your boss may not be so lax. According to a survey from Career Builder, more than 80 percent of bosses surveyed question the professionalism of someone who uses off color language. They also said a curser appears less intelligent than someone who doesn’t swear and someone with a potty mouth is less likely to be promoted, so say it in your head and come up with something else to say out loud other than a curse word.

Being Gossippy

If you pride yourself on knowing everything that’s going on whether it’s your business or not, is not the way to win friends and influence people. It’s even less cool if you talk about it across Facebook and Twitter. Were you live tweeting about how useless your meeting or conference call was? Send an email from your work computer to your husband or wife about how stupid your sales partner is or how far your boss’s head is jammed up their you-know-what? Well, those emails, tweets and status updates can all be tracked. Career expert Nichole Williams with LinkedIn says that if your Human Resources Department gets any small reason to go through your computer history, you could be fired. Even if what you sent went through a personal email account and not your work email, if you sent it from a work computer, it’s still work property and you can be fired.