I was fishing over the weekend, and I think it may be time for some to get a refresher course on how to act on a fishing pier. 

I went to my favorite fishing pier on Sunday. It was a bit windy, but still warm enough to be outside and at the end of the dock.

Where we go is a public fishing pier, so anyone can have access to it. It's a nice, clean lake with usually friendly people out there fishing with you, but after this weekend, I don't know if I'm going to go back there on Saturdays or Sundays.

When you're casting and other people are on the dock, watch where you're casting. That means when you're leaning back, make sure no one's going to get snagged by your hook. When you toss your line in the water, make sure where you're casting isn't on top of someone else's line.

When you see someone having some success in a certain area, don't come over and crowd their space. Just wet your line and be patient. Fish swim and they can find your bait, too.

Just another couple of friendly reminders, if you're going to listen to music, the World Cup or anything else and there are other people around, put your ear buds in, please. No one wants to hear it. We head to the lake for peace and quiet. If we wanted to listen to gangster rap, the BBC's coverage of the World Cup or anything else, we would have stayed home.

Also, please do not smoke on the fishing pier. We come to enjoy the fresh air of the lakes and the parks. If you're going to light up. Leave your pole to save your spot, but please get off the dock. Cigarettes stink and often times there are children out there. If the parents wanted them exposed to Class A carcinogens, they'd hand them a cigarette.

Finally, please clean up after yourself. I can't believe that we still need reminding not to litter, but apparently some still do.

On behalf of fisher people everywhere, thanks.