The official measurement came to 7.8 inches but officials say you may have gotten more snow where you live. Now I didn't measure it, but I swear I was SWIMMING in snow at my place! Which is why I thought I lost our Morning Show snow bet and had to pay up.

Before the snowstorm, Wolf, our news guy Jim and I guessed just how much snow we'd get pummeled with. I thought the weather people were just trying to scare us and guessed low - 6 3/4 inches. Wolf guessed 12 and Jim 11.

The loser had to use the snow and their "writing in the snow" skills to announce the awesomeness of the other two. It took a lot of beer to get it done - but get it done I did.

Turns out, I didn't lose the bet - Wolf did. Oh well, at least I got to drink a lot of beer.