'Tis the season to tip! But how much do you give? Here are some guidelines you can follow when it comes to giving some of your favorite people a little extra this year.

Mail Carriers:  Non-cash gifts with value up to $20 — civil servants are not allowed to receive cash tips. If you want to reward for delivery through snow, sleet and rain, buy a gift card for a coffee shop near your carrier's route or a cold weather accessory for those tough winter days.
Hairstylist: Cost of one haircut. If the same person that cuts your hair, styles, and colors it too, you may want to give more.
Newspaper Carrier: $10-$30 If you tip your deliverer throughout the year, give a smaller gift at the holidays. Usually they'll leave an envelope at your door. If they don't, ask the company to add a tip to your bill.
Babysitter: One or two nights pay.  You can get away with a tip, but try a gift card instead — it's like giving cash, yet it's more personal.