I have a hunch that this will stir up differing opinions, but how do you feel about kids on leashes? I was waiting for a flight at a gate at MSP, and a mom had her son on an 8-foot leash. While running around he proceeded to wrap his leash around my ankles three times over, like a dog around a tree (a big, annoyed Pete Tree).

My first thought is that I don't like 'em, but then again I picture somewhere like a crowded day at the State Fair. Maybe they do make sense in some situations. What if it's a safety issue?

There's a website full of photos that's "for people that laugh when they see kids on leashes." ChildrenOnLeashes.com

WARNING: Parents hate having their parenting skills being judged by others. (Ok, you've been warned.)

I still think it's a bad idea to stake 'em out in the yard, they get all tangled up.