This young man is the definition of a hero but he believes he was just doing his job.

Joey Prusak is the manager of a Dairy Queen in the Twin Cities.  He's been working there since he was 14 years old and he's being recognized around the country for his good deeds.

Last week one of their regular customers came in for a treat.  The man is visually impaired, so when he went to pay he accidentally dropped some money on the floor.  The woman in line behind him allegedly pocketed the money herself.

She came to place her order and Joey confronted her.  Apparently the two went back and forth and she refused to give the money back.  It was at that point that he decided he would not serve her.

Other customers witnessed what happened, contacted Joey's boss and now his story has gone viral.  The woman involved obviously has few morals and zero class.  Joey showed incredible character and the best part is, he's totally humble about it.  I applaud him for the refusing to do business with her.

Oh, and one more thing, he gave the customer who dropped the money $20 out of his own pocket. He's a great example of basic human kindness.

Check out the full story and interview with KARE 11.