If you can't laugh together and tell each other the truth, what's the point, right?

According to a new survey from the Daily Mail both men and women agree that a great sense of humor is the thing they for in a dating relationship.  Go figure, men and women finally agree on something!

As far as what comes in second, it's being good with money for women and good looks for men.

I think a great sense of humor is really important in any relationship, dating or otherwise. You have to be able to joke around with your friends and your significant other.  If you can't laugh at yourself and at each other (within reason) it gets stale and boring.

On the serious side, I think honesty is crucial.  I know when someone has become a good friend when they tell me the truth when I ask about how an outfit or my hair looks.  You look out for each other without being mean about it.

What do you think are the most important traits for a relationship?