Pictured above is me with my friend Ann. Ann was one of my best friends growing up in Princeton. We were introduced by our mutual friend Amy...And became a trio in third grade. Amy posted this picture on my birthday and reminded me, I was in the middle of my Rosanne Rosanna Dannah impression when she took this photo...Which also says everything 80's. It was taken on a Polaroid Instant camera. My pants are so cool. They go all the way up to my chest...I remember the days of 'tucking' in my shirts...and might I add...That's a very 'fancy' shirt that Ann is wearing as well.


Kelly Cordes/Facebook

These two girls made me laugh everyday...and I can't imagine a more goofy bunch to act as crazy as we did. Playing Meowma, Tuffy and Puffy every day at recess on the playground. I believe the picture above was a bus trip to either New York, or maybe Disney World for school trips. Regardless, they were both so funny, that adding in a little of my own quirkiness seemed to be 'the right thing to do.'

Kelly Cordes/Facebook

Gotta love Marching Band.  I still wish Princeton had a Marching Band today! It was the perfect place for everyone who loved music. Our football team had members in our Marching Band, our basketball players, and everyone in between. Music brought us all together.

I'm sure there are a lot  more photos of yesteryear...but this is just one trip...back in time.