I'm planning my family holiday strategy. Vikings will be done by 3:00 Saturday afternoon (and likely not going to do anything for the vibe). Most of the fam to church at 5:00, then dinner at my sister's. Christmas Day at mom & dad's. Feel's like there are a few holes in the plan, but thanks to Coborn's I found this fun little distraction.

Holly (perfect for Christmas) is a blogger for Corborn's and offered this idea for a fun little conversational game for the holidays with the family. It's a little bit Scruples and a little bit Cards Against Humanity.

Example Questions

Here are some of the questions you will find:

  • Best moment this year
  • Favorite new tech this year
  • Favorite new book this year
  • Favorite viral video this year
  • Best movie you saw this year
  • Most hilarious moment this year
  • Something new you tried this year

What were your big moments of 2016, and what do you expect in 2017? Download, print, play (drink wine, eat leftovers, drink more wine).

Thanks to Holly and the gang at Coborn's for the Christmas distraction.

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