When I first saw this story on heat-resistant chocolate I thought, "What a stupid idea!", but then I see why and now I feel stupid. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Mondelez International is close to introducing this chocolate.  For those not familiar with the company, they made Cadbury cholocates.

So, why is this important?   Well, imagine the hot regions of the world who have a tough time keeping things cool.  Africa comes to mind, I'm sure they would have problems with things melting so fast.

According the the company, it can withstand temperatures up to 104 degrees without turning into liquid.  And I know that that means, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has left a candy bar in a hot car during summer.

The specific science behind this wasn't discussed, but I'm assuming it has to be approved before going on the market.  And granted, the companies who make the chocolate are going to make a ton of money, but hopefully it will create some more jobs and why should these places be deprived of chocolate!