We have all been there. A late night, an early morning or we just keep hitting the snooze button. Once in a while we just can't get out of the bed - or maybe it is an every day occurrence for you. I found this alarm clock that will guarantee to "blast" you out of bed!

It's called the Ramos Alarm Clock and it looks kind of like a bomb. It kind of works like one too.

You set the alarm to whatever time you want to wake up. When it goes off, it will start ringing a bell to wake you up. Once you are awake, you can't simply turn it off. You can unplug it and the batteries will take over, you can slap it and the buttons won't work. So how do you turn it off?

The only way to get the Ramos to shut up is to go to the keypad that is mounted in another room and punch in that days date. Each day the code changes so you actually have to think about it. This will engage your brain first thing in the morning and wake you up before you hit the coffee maker.

This clock wouldn't work for me. I do have a rough time waking up sometimes which is why my alarm clock is across the room. I do actually have to get up out of the bed to turn it off. The problem I would have with this clock is remembering the date to get it to turn off. I can't remember what the date is at 4pm, let alone at 6am.

You can get it on the ground floor of the company and order your Ramos now and never have to worry about being late for work again!