If you have finally gathered the courage to ask out the guy or girl you've had a crush on forever and want to avoid an uncomfortable first date, take a look at this... According to Female First, these are the seven things people expect on a first date:

1. Women think a guy should text before the date to confirm it's still on for that night. (in this day and age, sending a text basically is flirting, too)

2. Women think the date should be somewhere that's an equal distance from where the two people live, guys said to pick a place closer to where SHE lives.
(I don't know why this matters, cause if there is a great restaurant a block from my house and she lives four miles away, I'm still going to get her and bringing her back to that restaurant)

3. Guys think they should compliment the woman on how she looks (careful guys) but women say it should be sincere, and not just something vague like "you look good".

4. Women think guys should buy them a few drinks, but not too many. Guys said they'd be willing to buy her as many as she wanted. (and we will, guys will miss a loan payment to TRY and impress a girl)

5. Women think a guy should spend between $75 and $100. Guys want to spend less. They'll spend that much on a SECOND date, after finding out if she's interested. (this one I see the point, but if you spend less than $75 on a first date, you probably took them to a matinee and a restaurant where they ask if you'd like fries with that... not a good idea)

6. Only 54% of women think a guy needs to walk her to her door afterward. But 98% of guys said they're DEFINITELY going to, just to take a shot that she'll invite him in. (keep walking her to the door guys)

7. And both men and women agree that if the date went well, the guy should go ahead and try for a kiss on the first date. (if they BOTH feel it went well... what if one feels differently than the other... just go for it, then at least you'll know if you should text her later or ask her out on a second date)