If you enjoy the movie, Dirty Dancing, you're going to love this story.  Terra and Drake Otto got married in late August.  Drake got his bride-to-be a fun wedding gift: dance lessons.  They put those lessons to good use at their wedding reception.

Terra and Drake attended the classes together and told few people about them.  Those that did know were told they were practicing for their first dance as husband and wife.

The reception started off with all the regular dances, nothing fancy or out of the ordinary.  Only the wedding party knew what was coming next.

This video by videographer, Joe Pollock, became a huge hit on YouTube.  Not long after the story was picked up by some local television stations including KARE 11 and they did their dance live on Good Morning America this past Friday.

I think this is really amazing -- the fact that they took the time to learn this together and then perform it in front of friends and family and the entire country.  I wonder what Jennifer Grey thinks and what Patrick Swayze would think if he were still here. Congratulations Drake and Terra!