It's not too often that a new movie gets me excited. Yes, they are fun to go to, but to really look forward to one? That's tough for me. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this new horror flick.

For years Daniel Radcliffe has played the role of the beloved Harry Potter. For many actors, once they have fallen into a role, it is difficult to get out of it and play something else. Daniel has made sure to not get stuck being Harry for the rest of his life.

Radcliffe made his Broadway debut playing a very difficult role as Alan Strang in Equus. This is quite a disturbing play based on a young man who blinded six horses in London and Radcliffe's character had to perform fully nude. (Talk about doing a complete 180 from Harry) Daniel just finished up his second run on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

Now this young star has turned his sites to a new movie which will have you jumping out of your seats in the theater. The Woman in Black hits theaters on February 3 and from the trailer, it looks like it will be THE horror flick to see this Spring.

Radcliffe plays a young lawyer who travels to a small village to do some follow up work for a deceased client. Once he gets there, he discovers a lot more about the town than he bargained for.

This isn't Radcliffe's first time being outside Harry Potter on film. He also starred in My Boy Jack, December Boys, The Tailor of Panama and he played a young David Copperfield in the TV movie David Copperfield.

Check out the trailer for his latest movie and watch closely towards the end when he is looking out the window - made me have a cold shiver!