Cindy and I received an email from a listener in St. Cloud this morning, complaining that we sometimes say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas.' She insists that we say 'Merry Christmas,' stating that the whole reason for the season is the birth of Christ. Here's the email and our thoughts. What do you think?

Dear Pete & Cindy -

I am dismayed to tune into 98 Country and hear you and others on the station say Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas. The entire reason for the holidays is the birth of Christ. I am sick and tired of everyone having to be so politically correct when it comes to Christmas. Kids can't have Christmas parties in school. We live in America where Christianity is the main religion. Anyone who doesn't like it can leave. I don't listen to anything but 98 Country. Please put Christ back in Christmas -- so I can keep listening.

Darla -- St. Cloud, Minnesota

So, here's what we think:

PETE:  To each his own brothers & sisters. I have no problem with saying, Merry Christmas." I also love being greeted and wished well based on any other individual's preference. Wish me, "Happy Hanukkah, and I will appreciate that too. As far as 'Happy Holidays" goes, I think of the 'Holidays' as the entire season from Thanksgiving to New Years. When I wish you, "Happy Holidays," I am referring to the whole ball of wax.

CINDY:  If somebody wishes me, "Merry Christmas," that's great. If they wish me, "Happy Holiday's," that's great too. I take it all in the spirit in which it was intended.

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