I smile every time I look at this picture of my dad. It was taken a couple of months before he passed away several years ago. I don't get sad anymore, but I do miss him terribly, and talk to him a lot. He was one of the good guys. But don't most girls say that about their dad?

Dad was a farmer in Minnesota. Sugar beets, wheat, barley and a few other crops along the way. Some of my best memories come from riding in the combine with him. Or in the truck to the elevator. I always got a bottle of orange pop while I was there. Funny, the things we remember.

No, Mom and Dad weren't hippies, but they were okay dressing like one for someone's birthday party. He did like Willie Nelson, so maybe that was his inspiration here.

He loved his grandkids. Here he is with Hilary and Jordan. I know that Dad is thrilled that when Jordan grew up, got married and had kids, he named his first son after him--Bentley Warren Wear.

Yep, Dad was one of the good guys. And one of my favorite people in the world. I miss him, but I know I'll be riding in that combine with him again one day.  So on Sunday--Fathers Day--hug your dad a little longer, stay on the phone with him a few more minutes, make some memories and be sure to let him know how much you love him.