Hank Williams Jr. has been one of my favorite country musicians since I was a kid, and even though he has faced a bit of controversy in the last year, I'm still a big fan. I can't wait for his new album 'Best of Hank Williams Jr.' and his tour which kicks off next Saturday March 3rd.

The first stop on his 'Taking Back the Country' tour will be Augustine Florida. Hank has announced 16 dates so far, and unfortunately none of them are in Minnesota, but there are more dates that have not yet been announced so it's still possible. Joining Hank on tour are some of his rowdy friends, including Chris Young, Jamey Johnson, George Thorogood, and 38 special. That sounds like one heck of a show if you ask me.

Hank is also putting a best of album on the shelves March 27th. He really didn't leave anything off the record either, every song is awesome - check out the track list below.

'Family Tradition
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
Women I've Never Had
Outlaw Women
Old Habits
The Blues Man
Texas Women
Dixie On My Mind
All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)
A Country Boy Can Survive
If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like Dixie
The Conversation
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
Country State of Mind
Born to Boogie
If The South Woulda Won
There's a Tear In My Beer (with Hank Williams)
Red, White, & Pink-Slip Blues
Bartender Song (Sittin' at the Bar) (with Rehab)
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming for Monday Night Football