Gretchen Wilson performed at Grand Casino Mille Lacs Friday evening.  The show was a blast to say the least!

I've been a Gretchen fan since Redneck Woman hit the airwaves in 2004 so when the opportunity to emcee her show was presented to me, I knew I couldn't pass it up.  If I were to describe her show in one word it definitely be: INCREDIBLE.

She opened with the upbeat crowd pleaser, Here for the Party.  The rest of her 90 minute show was filled with songs from the past and new music she has put out.  I absolutely loved the song Grandma.  When you hear it initially, you automatically think it's about Grandma smoking weed.  It's not, it's about Grandma trying as many things as she can before she passes on.

Another song I loved was Crazy.  The song itself is awesome but it's Gretchen's delivery of it that makes it so unique.  There is so much emotion and conviction in the lyrics and her voice.

I got the opportunity to visit with Gretchen prior to the show and in that short time, I learned a lot about her.  Sure she told me a little about her daughter as well as life at home and on the road.  I learned she doesn't like GPS and she feels most of the music on the radio today is not a reflection of real life and I couldn't agree more.

The important things I learned about Gretchen didn't come so much from her words but her actions.  She took charge of her career and started her own record label, Redneck Records.  By the end of 2013, she will have put out three albums, including a Christmas one as well as one with classic rock covers.  It's speaks to the drive and ambition she has to do things on her own terms.

She's all about her family.  Her brother, Josh,  is right along with her, selling merchandise.  I'm sure that's not his only job and he's very talented in his own right.  He joined his sister on stage for  My Truck.

Obviously, she is good to the people who help her out on a daily basis.  Not only did she take the time to introduce her band to the crowd, she brought up other members of her team to recognize them for all the hard work they put in for her shows.

The concert was amazing and I do believe Gretchen is one of the most down-to-earth stars I will ever come across.  She does things her way and she does it with grace.  I've updated my Gretchen Wilson music collection and I'm looking forward to her Christmas album that is due out this fall.  As far as the show goes, it was fun and energizing.  I cannot wait for her to come back!!