It was a great day all around. Brunch with a fun group of family members before the game. And the Vikings won!

This was a day that Jay and I waited for. The Vikings taking on his beloved Eagles. They don't play each other every year, so to have them here in Minnesota this year was awesome!

I was ready for the Eagles to win. Let's face it, our Vikings haven't had the best season. So imagine my delight every time the Vikings scored! Jay happened to be sitting next to another Eagles fan. Plus, there were a few behind us. None of them would hi-five me when the Vikings scored.

But I'll give Jay credit. He took it all in stride. It was his first time in the Metrodome, the whole day was great fun, and he just loves football. We will both always stay true to our respective teams, and we still manage to live harmoniously in the same home.