I was a Girl Scout for a couple of years, and I'm sure I sold my share of cookies, but I'm pretty sure I didn't know the facts behind Girl Scout Cookies. Thought I would share them with you:

The first Girl Scout cookies were sold in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1917. Girl Scout troops baked and sold cookies as a service project.

In 1933, a box of 44 cookies cost 23 cents.

During World War 2, there were no Girl Scout cookies! Shortages of sugar, butter and flour meant that the Girl Scouts had to sell calendars to raise money.

Today, 1/4 of all Girl Scout cookies sold are Thin Mints. Yum.

And if you can't find a Girl Scout to sell you a box or two, there's now a Cookie Finder app for your iPhone or Android. Of course there is.