The story of three year old Victoria Wilcher just took a possibly heartwrenching turn.

In April, three year old Victoria Wilcher was attacked by a pitbull and left with serious facial scars.

The story goes that Victoria was reportedly eating at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Mississippi with her grandmother when workers there asked her to leave because Victoria's wounds were causing other customers to be grossed out.

KFC stepped in and apologized for the incident and is giving her $30 thousand dollars for medical bills, but that's not where the story ends.

After an apparent investigation, Kentucky Fried Chicken says that the alleged incident never happened. An independent investigation found that Victoria and her grandmother never went to KFC on the day of the alleged incident. There was no surveillance footage showing them in the restaurant, and there are no receipts that day for the items they said that they ordered.

The family is insisting that the incident is true and that the investigation is not complete.

KFC still says that they will honor the pledge of $30 thousand dollars for Victoria's medical expenses. After the initial story broke, an additional $135 thousand dollars was raised. No word if any criminal charges will be filed if it is a hoax.

This just makes me so sad. First, for the little girl who had to endure such pain by being attacked by dogs. She doesn't know any better if this is a hoax and her unfortunate situation is being taken advantage of due to one person's greed. I also feel bad for those that gave money  to help. If this is a hoax, I hope they get their money back.

What good does it do anyone to lie?