Wouldn't it be great to be able to purchase one vehicle that you can take off-road riding and go into the water? Next year, that dream becomes a reality!

Introducing the new Quadski from Gibbs Sports Amphibians. It's a 4-wheeler, it's a jet ski, all in one. Yep, the future is here. You really can go from land to sea in just seconds with one vehicle. Check out the video below and you'll agree, it's one ride we would all love to own.

These vehicles will be available in Florida, Texas, the Great Lakes Region and New York in 2013 for the low price of just $40,000. I know it's a big price tag, BUT it does replace two vehicles!

Gibbs Sports Amphibians is producing the vehicles in Detroit and hope this will generate excitement for their line of automobiles that will go from land to water just like they did in the movies.

Can anyone say Bring on Summer?