Bad news for all the guys who spend 10-hours every Sunday watching football, your typical "get ready for football to do list" is about to get absolutely ruined.

The Broncos and Seahawks meet for the final game of the season on February 2nd and after that... Sunday is going to be awful for the next six-seven months. This is a list of things that you can forget about after February 2nd and the TWO thing that will remain on your football-less Sundays.

To Do List for football Sunday:

1. Get Beer (rush out the door at 9:50 on Saturday night)

Then, on Sunday...

2. Pick up the pizzas and wings
3. Start drinking during the pregame show with your buddies
4. Place bets for the early and late games
5. Yell at Joe Buck through the t.v. as if you could do his job better
6. Find a place to order halftime food, pizza and wings are done for
7. Scream at your team for making "the worst play call ever" with only seconds left in the game.
8. Probably another food run before the late afternoon game.
9. Watch the game intensely as you try to win back your losses from the early game.
10. Have wrestling matches with whoever is left at your house before the night game.
11. Kind of watch the night game, but not really care anymore... all your money is gone and you didn't win any wrestling matches

Your New Sunday To Do List:

1. Go to brunch with your girlfriend and her parents.
2. Wait patiently for next season.

This is the only time I want the longer "to do list".